Tolpuddle goat cheeses are produced by hand in small batches using milk from our small herd of Saanen dairy goats.  We make cheese daily, straight after milking, using a slow lactic fermentation process.  The milk is pasteurised at 63 degrees, held for 30 minutes, and then gently cooled to 24 degrees.  We set the curd using a farmhouse blend of starter cultures, a small amount of non-animal rennet and much patience.  This results in a soft, delicate curd with a mild flavour and clean acidity.  It brings us immense pleasure to take something as simple as milk and transform it into products that our customers love.
 You can shop online for our full range of cheeses and high country produce here, and arrange door to door delivery (Locals, Melbourne Metro, Regional Vic, ACT): https://tolpuddle-goat-cheese-and-farm-foods.square.site/
Our product range includes:

Goat Milk

Our goat milk is pasteurised at 63 degrees, held at that temperature for 30 minutes (the lowest legal limits) and packaged by hand in glass bottles to keep all of the goodness in.  The milk is handled very gently throughout the production process to ensure a sweet, clean flavour, with just a hint of goatiness.


Goat Curd

Our goat curd is a very simple, fresh lactic cheese with a smooth texture and clean acidity.  Seasonal changes in the goat’s milk influence the balance of acidity, sweetness and herbaceous notes in Tolpuddle’s fresh goat curd.  Our goat curd is lightly salted so that it can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes.


Smoked Curd

Our delicious silky goat curd is lightly smoked with applewood to create a much more savoury flavour.  This product has a slightly firmer texture than the fresh goat curd and a very subtle smoky flavour.


Alpine Sunset

Our alpine sunset is a marinated lactic goat cheese with a fine texture and a subtle tangy citrus flavour.  The cheese is hand rolled into balls, which are marinated in a blend of oil infused with ‘Smoky Tomatina’ spice blend from Screaming Seeds.  This Spanish-inspired, fragrant spice blend combines smokey paprika and dried tomato flakes with cumin, oregano, basil and a just a hint of chilli.  It imparts a gorgeous vibrant colour in the oil, reminiscent of our glorious high country sunsets.


Marinated Gem

Our most popular fresh goat cheese, marinated gem is a lactic goat cheese (or Persian-style feta) that is gently pressed to achieve a smooth, silky texture.  The cheese is left to drain over several days and then hand cut into cubes, which are marinated in a blend of oil infused with native lemon myrtle and juniper berries.



Made in the style of a traditional Greek ‘feta’, Bonegilla is firm, chalky, salty (read ‘highly addictive’) cheese, which is hand cut into cubes and marinated in a blend of oil infused with ’Greek’ spice blend from Screaming Seeds - combining all of the mild Mediterranean herbs with garlic and native lemon myrtle.

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